The best and easiest way to learn yoga is by attending a yoga class. Chances are high that your local gym, school, university or community center offer yoga as part of their schedule. Costs vary and depend on the teacher or the establishment offering the class. As a ballpark figure you can expect to pay anywhere between a gold coin donation to about $15/lesson. Classes in the city are usually more expensive than rural.

How Many Classes Should I Attend?

Ultimately this is up to you. However, for best effects it is advised to attend a regular class schedule. Try and aim for at least one class a week. Serious yoga students practice every day. As a beginner you can gain a lot from one to two classes a week. You’ll soon find your body becoming more responsive and your overall energy levels improve.

How Long do Classes go for?

A yoga class can be anywhere from 45 minutes to up to 2 hours. The body is less flexible early in the day. For optimum results as a beginner you should aim to attend an evening class as your body is more flexible later in the day.

Practising Yoga at Home

If you’re an experienced student of yoga then nothing should stop you from doing your practice at home. Perhaps you want to attend some local yoga classes to refresh your knowledge about the asanas or to stay connected with the community.

The hardest part about home practice is the fact that you have to motivate yourself. Plus, you must use the correct asana postures – this is important. If you don’t, you could seriously hurt your body in the process. It is not advised to practice yoga at home if you’re just getting started. Learn from a qualified yoga teacher. They show you the right moves and most importantly, they will stand by – watch – and assist you.